Devoured from Inside cover
Devoured from Inside

Devoured from Inside

Obsolete Humanity


With primary instinct

A young dirty body

No chance of escape

Tortured for his pleasure

Tortured for his pleasure

Nine months later

Born from pain

An unwanted child

Condamned to be his nightmare

Repressed by your law

Those that are supposed to protect you

Or help you

No more future for you

Hell is waiting for you and its real

Demons are on Earth

You can't do anything

Nine months in a scarred crib

Their face in every move

Day by day

Only the pain remains

Her tears as blades

His life unwanted

No gods !

No life !

No help !

Only pain !

You're devoured from inside

By a life that you refuse

By a life that you refuse

Who am I ?

I am born from your pain

Nobody wanted me

There reject me as the plague

There will be no more

Sweet Home Alabama

For every mood