You don't let your shirts fill up

In the bottom drawer

And I don't find your studs

All over the kitchen floor

We ain't up too late on HBO

Bingeing shows we've seen before

No more

Give me the news

Stop sayin that you love me just

Tell me the truth

I'm callin, callin, callin

Tell me you're done

You say I'm the one, I'm all that you want

You're makin it up

And I'm callin, callin, callin your


Why'd I keep bettin it all on us

I'm hangin, hangin, hangin it up

I fold I'm cashin it out I'm done

I'm callin, callin, callin your bluff

You've been staring at your phone

All afternoon

Story highlights with your

Champagne and orange juice

But you won't post our pics from malibu

Why the hell'd I go all in on you

Thought we had a good thing, good thing

But girl I get it things fade, yeah they fade

But why you gotta lie to me

Why'd you ever want lie to me

And why's it come so naturally

I mean honestly

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