Victorious (feat. DJ Sight) cover
Victorious (feat. DJ Sight)

Victorious (feat. DJ Sight)

Ryland Junior, DJ Sight



Homage Beats on the boards

My name is Ryland Junior

His name is #ChristJesus

And, this

Another #teamHeTheBest t'ing

Yo, the Word of God says

That I am victorious in Christ

In Him

No matter the fight

I stay winning

I'm never gonna lose

Check, it go


But, when I say I win

It is more than just

A game I'm playing in

Cuz He is glorious

Paid the wages of our sin

Our obedience to Him

Is what it's

Costin' us

His way of thinking

Is much more than us

Like comparing

A tsunami to a puddle


My Lord, He took stripes

And, they took life

Then, He took flight

Now, He's seated on the right


He went ahead of me

Fighting my enemies

All things through Him

He, who will strengthen me

Tribulation come

I take heart, and let it be

Show it to my Pop

He be like

Mijo, ben aquí

Apparently, my Lord be

Speaking other languages

His way, I'm Scott free

No suffering damages

No time fi deal wit

No underhandedness

Had to give

My life to Him

Please, understand it's His

No longer mine

Not a borderline

Gave it completely

Up to Him

Feeling more than fine

Stay winning

Up in Hollywood

Or, the rawest 'hood


God is surely good

All the time

Y'all don't hear me now

No matter

I'mma share it out

They gon' have ta

Get a lotta them to carry out

They plot and evil scheme

Why don't they see

My Daddy cares about

His children who are living

With the willingness to

Brag about

The goodness of

The Lord of Heaven's Armies

Told me that no

Weapon formed against

Could ever harm me

Told me that

No matter the offense

Him never gwon leave

Told me that His

Power and His strength is

All up on me

Y'all see

My eyes have now been

Opened to the Psalms 3

Slap 'em in the face

While I be napping under

Palm trees

Winning every race

And, I'mma cap it with a

Strong lead

Father, Son, Holy Ghost

One God, all t'ree

Glory in the name


For every mood