Under the Concrete cover
Under the Concrete

Under the Concrete

Joshua Burnside


Nothing is bolder than the jump

From the window sill

Into the depths of hell

Into the clutches of The Devil himself

But never mind, that talk is a little premature

I have many sins worse to commit first

Under the dead weight

Of all that grey

Concrete creeping

Covering all of the children

All of the flowers

Never ceasing

To be all I am

All that I am

All I am

All that I am

And now from a higher spot

There is certainly a great danger

That maybe my soul would float up into the sky

Where all of the people

Dancing and clapping

Would greet me with such warmth

Stealing glances

At our old teachers

Wondering if they remember

Who we are

Who we are

All that we are

Under the blue sky

Under the aeroplanes

All of the people

Under the concrete

And all of the plastic

All of the traffic

Filling up our throats

Everything's keeping

Nothing is breathing

Under the harsh light

Under the blue sky

Suddenly my

Eyes were stinging

For all the people

Under the concrete

Never ceasing to be all I am

For every mood