Album picture of Sung Science

Sung Science

Danny Tieger

02 نوف, 2019

أغاني الألبوم

D.N.A. Danny Tieger 01:55
We're in Love Like Magnets Danny Tieger 02:27
Neo (Near Earth Objects) Danny Tieger, Emily Spalding 02:42
Atom: A Big Song About a Small Thing Matt Appleton 02:11
I'm a Tardigrade Danny Tieger 02:16
That Insane Brain Matt Appleton 02:17
Noble Gases Ian Michael Stuart 02:22
I'm a Tornado for You Emily Spalding 02:17
The Plant Cell Clique Alexander L Hoffman 02:40
Everybody Loves Abraham Lincoln Danny Tieger 02:10
George Washington Carver, Friend of the Farmer Danny Tieger, Matt Appleton 02:06
Susan B Anthony Says Vote! Cassie Silva 02:31
Harriet Tubman, Spying on the Man Shonica Gooden 02:59

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