Album picture of There Is Soul in My House - Antonello Ferrari

There Is Soul in My House - Antonello Ferrari

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21 ينا, 2016

أغاني الألبوم

Watcha Gonna Do with My Lovin' (F&B House Mix) Aldo Bergamasco, Antonello Ferrari, La Shonda Reese 07:44
It's Over (Main Mix) Jamie Lewis, Michael Watford 07:15
84 King Street (Original Main Mix) Alfred Azzetto, Christian Hosnbostel 07:20
Set Me Free (Seb Skalski Alternative Mix) Seb Skalski, L.T. Brown, Masta P 06:59
Be Thankful (Jazz N'groove Old School Mix) Jamie Lewis, Michelle Weeks 08:10
All I Need (Original Mix) Paolo Barbato, Vincent Ache, Nicole Mitchell 05:16
Then Came You (Jamie Lewis Where We Came from Mix) Harley, Muscle, India 07:39
I've Been Watching You (Original Vocal Mix) Sound of Joy, Pete Simpson 07:51
Movin' On (Extended Club Mix) Stefano capasso, Pino Firmani, Kyn Mahone II 06:21
Without You (Jamie Lewis Special Wmc Master Mix) Marc Evans, Jamie Lewis 07:58
Love Rain (Original Afro Soul Mix) Peter Macaluso, Michelle Weeks, Darryll D'Bonneau 09:30
Everybody Get Up (Original Mix) Terrence Parker, Tamara Debor 05:59
If You're Gonna Be (Glenn Thornton Slaag Mix) Misteralf, Iñaky Garcia, Sandy Soul 06:05
Faithful (Jamie Lewis Bar Mix) Andrea Love 07:04
Colors (Walterino Main Mix) Alfred Azzetto 07:23
Back to Roots (Original Mix) Frank Boissy, Michael Watford 06:12
Vibe Sensual (O Radio Tem) (Original Club Mix) Nino Carlo, Hanna Kimelblat 06:31
Give You (Jamie Lewis House Cut) Djaimin, Crystal Re-Clear 08:01
Revival (Souldynamic Main Mix) Souldynamic, Adeola Shyllon 07:56
Will I Ever (Mod & Staffan Thorsell Remix) Tanja Dankner 06:10

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