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The Music City Story

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31 ينا, 2011

أغاني الألبوم

W-P-L-J The 4 Deuces 02:37
Your Money Ain't Long Enough Del Graham, Que Martyn's Orchestra 02:41
Keep Me Satisfied, Baby Golden Boy, Chick Morris 02:41
A Prayer Al Joseph Harris, Chick Morris & His Band 03:01
Guitar Blues Sidney Grande 02:45
On My Way Alvin Smith 02:39
Here Lies My Love Mr Undertaker 02:34
Annie Pulled a Hum-Bug The Midnights 02:37
Late Last Night The Twilighters 02:31
Ichi-Bon Tami Dachi The Rovers 02:33
Johnny's Stomp (Early Version) Johnny Heartsman 02:39
Tell Me, Darling The Gaylarks 03:03
I'm a Workin' Man The 5 Lyrics 03:21
Morrine The 5 Campbells 02:09
I Don't Stand No Quittin' Gloria Jean 03:12
Crossing the River The Dreamers 01:52
This Wicked Race The Golden West Singers 02:42
Jerry The 3 Dons & Donna 02:23
Lil Tipa-Tina The 5 Swans 01:48
The Wheel Jimmy Nelson 02:16

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