Album picture of The Experience

The Experience

Mcbyrdy X

23 أبر, 2018

أغاني الألبوم

Feeling It Mcbyrdy X 06:11
23 (feat. Frontline Frank) Mcbyrdy X, Frontline Frank 02:16
New Wave (feat. Oba Rowland) Mcbyrdy X, Oba Rowland 04:13
Byrds Eye View Mcbyrdy X 03:04
On My Own Mcbyrdy X 02:10
Hold Me Down (feat. G5, Flyboipeeples & Ronie Gz) Mcbyrdy X, Ronie Gz, G5, Flyboipeeples 03:46
D Boy Magic (feat. 3d Hook King & Charlie Mac) Mcbyrdy X, 3D Hook King, Charlie Mac 03:36
Surreal (feat. Frontline Frank & Flyboipeeples) Mcbyrdy X, Frontline Frank, Flyboipeeples 03:23
For the Love (feat. Cho) Mcbyrdy X, CHO 02:17
4 Da Fam Mcbyrdy X 04:03

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