Album picture of The Sore Losers (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Sore Losers (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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28 سبت, 2018

أغاني الألبوم

"Blackie Is An Immortal…" Tim Kearns 01:15
The Sore Losers Jack Taylor Experience / Jmm 01:53
Modern Day Freak The Makers 02:35
Invader Ace Guitar Wolf 03:10
Hoodlum, A.D. Mick Collins 03:18
Guntown Daphne Diaphanous 01:29
Knockturne Tim Feleppa 02:00
Alien Brains Poli Sci Clone 02:59
"Mike Was Always Fond of Mayhem..." Tim Kearns 01:01
Funky Kuntry Capers '68 Comeback 02:36
Gotta Let Your Spirit Ride Nick Diablo 03:15
'68 '68 Comeback 02:13
No Teasin' Round The Royal Pendletons 03:03
Bump & Grind Mick Collins 02:06
Vice Party Jack Oblivian 02:50
"Kerine Loved To Bang…" Tim Kearns 01:10
Solar Prime Cris Clarity 01:08
Rock N' Roll Band Cris Clarity 03:46
Spi-Fi (Subsonic) Jack Oblivian 01:05
Smack Dab (In the Middle) '68 Comeback 02:13

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