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Patsergedrag Sevn Alias, Lil Kleine, Boef 03:09
Drank & Drugs Lil Kleine, Ronnie Flex 02:26
Dansen Aan De Gracht Dopebwoy, Lil Kleine 02:25
Beetje Moe Kevin, Lil Kleine and Chivv, Kevin, Lil Kleine, Chivv 02:58

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28 ينا, 2022

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Jorik Scholten, who performs as Lil' Kleine, is a Dutch rapper, dancer and actor who has appeared in movies such as 'Diep' (2005), 'Prince' (2015) and 'The Little Gangster' (2015) and television shows including 'Van Spejik' (2007), 'Van God los' (2013) and 'Brugklas' (2014). He released an EP titled 'Tuig van de Richel' in 2012 and collaborated with Lange Frans, Danny de Monk and Ronnie Flex. His 2016 debut album, 'WOP!' became a smash hit in his homeland along with the singles 'Niet Omdat Het Moet' and '1, 2, 3'. In 2018 he became a judge on the Dutch TV talent show 'The Voice of Holland'.