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Faixas do álbum

Queen Of The Reich (Remastered) Queensrÿche 04:22
The Lady Wore Black (Remastered) Queensrÿche 06:14
Warning (Remastered) Queensrÿche 04:45
Take Hold Of The Flame (Remastered) Queensrÿche 04:55
Walk In The Shadows (Remastered) Queensrÿche 03:34
I Dream In Infrared (Remastered 2000) Queensrÿche 04:18
I Don't Believe In Love (Remastered) Queensrÿche 04:24
Eyes Of A Stranger (Remastered 2000) Queensrÿche 06:36
Jet City Woman (Remastered) Queensrÿche 05:21
Empire (Remastered 2000) Queensrÿche 05:23
Silent Lucidity (Remastered 2000) Queensrÿche 05:45
I Am I (Remastered) Queensrÿche 03:59
Bridge (Remastered) Queensrÿche 03:31
Sign Of The Times (Remastered) Queensrÿche 03:34
Chasing Blue Sky (Remastered 2000) Queensrÿche 03:41
Someone Else? (Remastered 2000/With Full Band) Queensrÿche 07:13

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