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Anunciação - Sessions Mariana Nolasco 02:45
Teu sim, mas não. (feat. Pedro Calais) Zeeba, Mariana Nolasco, Pedro Calais 03:21
Ai que Saudade D'Ocê Mariana Nolasco 02:18
Alto Mar Mariana Nolasco, Vitor Kley 03:17
Só Hoje Jota Quest, Mariana Nolasco 03:12
Refém Oriente, Mariana Nolasco 03:03
Sons de Amor Mariana Nolasco, Rael 03:04
Poemas Que Colori Mariana Nolasco 03:30
Certeza - Acústico Mariana Nolasco 02:48
Vamos Fugir Mariana Nolasco, Allman Brown 02:48

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Born in Campinas, Brazil, on February 9, 1998, Mariana Nolasco turned her social media accounts into a launchpad for her music career, eventually becoming a viral singer/songwriter while still a teenager. She first built an audience as a child actress, landing roles on Brazilian television shows like Faça Sua História and Beleza Pura as a 10 year-old. She continued performing in various telenovelas for years, then began playing guitar at the age of 13. After uploading an acoustic rendition of Bruno Mars' pop hit "Just the Way You Are" to social media in December 2011, Mariana Nolasco went viral. Her 2012 cover of Charlie Brown Jr.'s "Só os loucos sabem" was her first video to receive more than one million views, followed by popular versions of Haikaiss' "Sem graça," Oriente's "Linda, louca e mimada," and a mashup of the Rael songs "Nao dá mais" and "Ela me faz." While continuing to maintain an online fanbase with her ongoing string of acoustic cover songs, Mariana Nolasco also began releasing studio material, starting with a self-titled EP in 2016 and continuing with her eponymous full-length debut in 2018. A live record, Mariana Nolasco Sessions, was released in 2020, followed by singles like "Era amor" and "Alto Mar."