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Kensuke Ushio

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Smells Blood Kensuke Ushio 01:49
edge of chainsaw Kensuke Ushio 03:10
Judgement Kensuke Ushio 01:45
Crybaby Kensuke Ushio 04:09
The Day After Tomorrow Kensuke Ushio 01:54
Behind the Scene Kensuke Ushio 01:59
brutal life Kensuke Ushio 01:35
van Kensuke Ushio 02:25
sweet dreams Kensuke Ushio 02:29
Devilman No Uta Kensuke Ushio 03:05

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Japanese artist Kensuke Ushio dabbles in a variety of musical guises. Born in Tokyo, Japan, on March 1, 1983, with his rock supergroup Lama he has released two full-length studio records that charted on the Japanese Albums Chart. Wearing his electronic hat, Ushio releases music under the name agraph, which he christened with 2008 debut album A Day, Phases. Two years later his second album Equal arrived and in 2016, The Shader. Ushio has also mapped a successful career as a composer, writing and composing soundtracks for anime television series and movies including 2014's Space Dandy and 2016's A Silent Voice. In 2020, Ushio flexed his composer muscle on and an original net anime series for Netflix by Science SaruJapan Sinks: 2020.