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Boneless It's All Red 03:54
Touch The Ground It's All Red 03:32
Crime Room It's All Red 04:30
H5n1 It's All Red 03:09
Lead by the Blind It's All Red 03:32
Integrate Forever It's All Red 03:26
Power to Let Power Go It's All Red 03:42

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Touch The Ground

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Alternative metal band from Brazil. The group released the albums Vicious Words from the Heart (2007), The Natural Process Of... (2010), Lead by the Blind (2015), the EPs Citysick (2012) and All of the Colors (2019) and also the singles Boneless (2019), Gemstone (2020), Poisonous (2021) and Touch The Ground (2021). The band shared stages with acts like Megadeth, Cavalera Conspiracy, Paul Di'Anno, Hibria and Raimundos and played festivals in Brazil and Argentina over the years.