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Dancin’ Cg5 03:18
I Got No Time Cg5 02:58
I See a Dreamer Cg5 03:10
Lyin' 2 Me Cg5 03:34
Good to Be Alive Cg5 02:55
Let Me Through Cg5, Dolvondo 03:32
Like It or Not Cg5, Dawko 03:05
Absolutely Anything (feat. Or3o) Cg5, Or3o 03:36
Injustice Cg5 03:10
Show Yourself Cg5 03:24

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CG5 is the pseudonym of Charlie Green, a singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from Phoenix, Arizona. He began teaching himself music production at the age of 5 and, in 2014, he created his CG5 video-streaming channel, where he uploaded songs inspired by video games and memes. Over the next few years, his channel began to gain online traction thanks to the popularity of tracks such as "Can I Get an Amen" (2017), "Labyrinth" (2018), and "Dancin'" (2019), all of which racked up streams by the millions. After going viral on social media with his 2020 single "Absolutely Anything," which was re-released and distributed by Spinnin' Records/Warner later that year, CG5 continued to showcase his growth as a producer on the non-album singles "Lyin 2 Me" (2020), "I See a Dreamer" (2021), and "Superstar" (2022).