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Kaleidoscopical Downhill Chaosfear 00:48
Bitter Dominance Chaosfear 04:32
Don't Mask Your Weakness Chaosfear 06:23
Inner Revolution Chaosfear 03:19
Vergiften Chaosfear 04:17
Be the Light in Dark Days (feat. Murillo Leite & Leticia Helena) Chaosfear, Murillo Leite, Leticia Helena 04:09
Image of Disorder Chaosfear 05:27
From No Past Chaosfear 04:23
Paradox of Pain Chaosfear 02:59
The Toxic Waltz (feat. Steve "Zetro" Souza) Chaosfear, Steve "Zetro" Souza 04:59

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Kaleidoscopical Downhill
Bitter Dominance
Image of Disorder

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