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Selfish Soul Sudan Archives 02:22
Home Maker Sudan Archives 05:02
NBPQ (Topless) Sudan Archives 03:48
Loyal (EDD) Sudan Archives 02:27
Come Meh Way Sudan Archives 02:26
Yellow Brick Road Sudan Archives 02:37
#513 Sudan Archives 02:44
Milk Me Sudan Archives 02:57
Copycat (Broken Notions) Sudan Archives 02:26
Homesick (Gorgeous & Arrogant) Sudan Archives 04:00

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Brittney Denise Parks - born in Cincinnati, Ohio – is a violinist and vocalist who performs under the name Sudan Archives. Growing up in Cincinnati, she taught herself how to play violin in the fourth grade, eventually discovering the playing style of Sudanese violinists. The turning point in her career is when she began fusing the Sudanese folk music with electronic production, creating a sound that was truly her own. Moving to Los Angeles at the age of 19 to study ethnomusicology and music technology, she refined her distinct style. She signed with Stones Throw Records and released her *Sudan Archives* EP in 2017. The critically-acclaimed release was followed by her *Sink* EP in 2018. She released the debut Sudan Archives album, *Athena*, to universal critical acclaim in 2019.