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Deja Vu Dolla, L7NNON 03:33
Dia lindo (Papatracks #2) Azevedo, IGOR, Dolla, Pelé Mil Flows 03:30
Jasmin (Papasessions #1) Dolla, L7NNON 03:17
Top Model Dolla 03:16
BAD Dolla 03:36
Who The F*** Is That? Dolla, T-Pain, Tay Dizm 04:10
Watch Me Glow Dolla 03:30
BAD Dolla 03:38
Feelin' Myself Dolla 03:44
Sobretudo Dolla 02:54

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 The Malaysian girl group DOLLA was assembled by Universal Music in 2019. After an exhaustive audition process, Sabronzo, Tabby, Angel, and Syasya made their live debut at the #RapstarEra Final, held at Kuala Lumpur's The Bee Republika. This performance was followed by the release of their first single "Dolla Make You Wanna" (2020), produced by Australian musician Bryan B. Also in 2020, Dolla joined sixteen other Malaysian artists on the track "#jangankeluar," released in support of the Malaysian Government's Movement Control Order during the COVID-19 pandemic. 2021 found the group entering the charts for the first time with the single "Raya Raya Raya," which climbed to Number 5 on the Malaysian RIM chart. Only a few months later, they won Most Popular Female New Artist at the 34th Bintang Popular Berita Harian Awards and starred in their first TV film, Dolla: Watch Me Glow. After reaching the top of the local charts with the single "Bad," the four-piece issued their debut EP Dolla: Mini Album in early 2022. They followed this success later that year with the non-album singles "Suara Lebaran Kita" with Hael Husaini, "Fight," and "Mungkin Ini Adalah Yang Paling Sedih Pernah Ku Buat" with Naim Daniel.