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Born in 2004 in Annapolis, the capital of US state Maryland, lyricist, singer, and video director Isabel LaRosa was immersed in music from a young age, gleaning inspiration from her saxophone-playing father with whom she would often accompany to jazz clubs, sometimes singing alongside her guitar-playing brother. She formed a musical duo with her brother, and the pair began writing songs together while she was still in elementary school. She released her first single, "16 Candles", into the world in 2021, not long after her own sixteenth birthday, and scored her first big professional break that same year when she signed with major label RCA Records. She released the follow-up singles "Closer" and "Gameboy" in 2021 before stepping out with her debut EP I'm Watching You in 2022, a narrative-driven record based on a trilogy of songs, “Heaven”, “Haunted”, and “Help," for which she also created the visual elements. She later went viral on TikTok in 2022 for her brooding dark-pop single "I'm Yours", self-directing the track's music video.