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Respeita Minha História Felipe Araújo, Thiaguinho, Pixote, Dilsinho 03:32
Chama no Privado Turma do Pagode, Pixote 02:43
Amor e Fé Pixote, Hungria Hip Hop 04:49
Insegurança Pixote 03:00
O Som do Povo Ninguém Silencia (Tema de Final de Ano Transcontinental) Leandro Lehart, Art Popular, Arlindinho, Belo 04:07
Mande um Sinal Pixote 03:56
Nem de Graça Pixote 02:52
Postadores de Mentira Pixote 02:41
Vou Ver e Te Aviso Pixote 03:04
Nem de Graça / Saudade Arregaça Pixote 05:42

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The Brazilian band Pixote have now enjoyed over 25 years as a band playing in the traditional 'pagode' style. They were discovered in 1993 whilst still school children, the youngest player being just seven-years-old, performing in a square in São Paulo and were subsequently signed to the Zimbabwe record label. Within the space of seven years they went from being completely unknown to become household names with a fan base throughout Brazil. The band began life as a seven-piece but over the years various members have left to pursue separate careers in music leaving behind just three of the founding members, Douglas Monteiro, Thiago Santana and Agnaldo Apolinário. With 13 albums to their credit, the band are perhaps best known for their singles 'Crystal Shine', 'Longing for Us' and 'Sweet Kiss'.