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Capitán Rvfv, Anitta, Sfera Ebbasta 03:44
Mirándote Rvfv 02:15
Tigini Rvfv, Kikimoteleba 02:55
Desespero Morad, Rvfv 03:14
Hace Calor Kaleb Di Masi, Sfera Ebbasta, Rvfv, Omar Varela 04:07
Yo No Sé Rvfv, Pablo Mas 02:48
No Me Quiere Ver (ft. Javiielo) Rvfv, Javiielo 03:38
Antes Rvfv, Edu Garcia 02:33
Lejos de Mi Rvfv, Maka 03:14
Prendio Rvfv, Omar Montes, Daviles de Novelda 03:11

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por Rvfv, Anitta, Sfera Ebbasta


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Born in Almeria, Spain, on April 24, 2001, rapper Rafael Ruiz grew up in the city's Pescaderia neighborhood and began performing as RVFV during his teenage years. Inspired by trap, African music, reggaeton, dancehall, and American hip-hop, he fine-tuned his unique sound with early releases like 2017's "Sonido de barrio," which was released when he was 16 years old and quickly became a regional hit. However, it was 2019's "Mirándote" that truly launched his career, elevating RVFV to national status. Released on the heels of the hit single "Prendío," "Mirándote" went platinum in several months. "Prendío" soon went platinum, too, with both songs receiving more than 50 million digital streams apiece. Favoring non-album singles to full-length records, RVFV continued releasing standalone songs during the next two years, earning viral hits and radio successes with tracks like 2020's "Yo No Sé," "No Capo," and "Trendy." He remained prolific in 2021, as well, as releasing an average of one song per month while maintaining his popularity with "No Quiero Amor," "Todo Lo Cambié," and other tracks.