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Banho E Tosa Dogão 03:37
Dogão É Mau Dogão 03:47
De Rolê Dogão 03:14
Cadê A Ganja? Dogão 02:57
Zé Povinho Dogão 03:45
Parvo Virose Dogão 03:14
Eu Sou Dogão Dogão 03:53
Vida De Cão Dogão 04:00
Amor De Vira-Lata / Onde Você Mora? Dogão 03:33
Tá Com Medo? Dogão 01:02

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Inspired by the success of Gorillaz, Brazilian music producer Rick Bonadio created Dogão, an irreverent virtual rapper in the form of an anthropomorphic dog. Dogão was voiced by rapper Suave (of Jigaboo fame) and was joined by two other characters: producer Manu Cabuloso on the turntables and his girlfriend, Nega Ganja, on backing vocals. His only album, Dogão É Mau (2004) gained Dogão a nomination for the Hutúz Prize, Brazil’s most famous hip-hop award, and spawned its own clothing line. Mostly rooted in old-school hip-hop, the LP also included reggae-inspired numbers (“Cadê A Ganja?”) as well as a fair amount of ‘90s R&B vibes (“Banho E Tosa”). The album’s title track received heavy airplay on Brazilian radios that year, and its accompanying video was one of the most requested on MTV, resulting in a national tour. In 2005, the controversial rapper was put to sleep by its creator, but not before releasing his last track known to date, the satire "Enquanto Isso, Em Algum Castelo de Paris".