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Mother Danzig 03:24
Devil's Plaything Danzig 04:13
Am I Demon Danzig 04:57
Mother Danzig 03:31
Twist Of Cain Danzig 04:18
How The Gods Kill Danzig 05:56
She Rides Danzig 05:10
Soul On Fire Danzig 04:36
Dirty Black Summer Danzig 05:12
Godless Danzig 06:51

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Rock musician Glenn Allen Anzalone, better known as Glenn Danzig, rose to prominence through his band Misfits before forming the band Samhain and coming to the attention of legendary record company mogul Rick Rubin, then head of Def Jam records. Rubin, perhaps recognising that Danzig's perfectionist nature might lead to frequent line-up changes within the band, suggested Danzig should use his surname for the band in order to provide more artistic freedom. It proved to be a wise move, particularly as Rubin's own relationship with the artist later dissolved into acrimonious legal action and Danzig moved record labels. Danzig's preoccupation with gothic themes, the occult and other dark influences have occasionally led to controversy. When Danzig signed to their new record company Hollywood, the label's parent company Disney found themselves under pressure from religious groups who were boycotting the company's products due to Disney's involvement with "a satanic band". This led to Hollywood withdrawing support for the band's newly released 1996 album Blackacidevil and rescinding the record contract. The band currently have twelve studio albums to their credit and continue to tour and perform, although Danzig himself has announced he no longer wishes to take part in major tours, preferring to do smaller provincial shows to enable him to concentrate on projects outside the music business. In April 2020, they returned with an album of Elvis Presley covers entitled Danzig Sings Elvis, which entered the Billboard 200 at #192 and was met with a muted reaction from critics.