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Rapper's Delight (4sm Mix) The Sugarhill Gang 07:08
Rappers Delight Sugarhill Gang 03:59
Rapper's Delight Sugarhill Gang 14:28
Apache The Sugarhill Gang 06:13
ABC's The Sugarhill Gang 02:28
Apache The Sugarhill Gang 04:04
The Lover in You (4sm Mix) The Sugarhill Gang 06:51
It's Like a Dream Sometimes The Sugarhill Gang 02:40
Rapper's Delight The Sugarhill Gang 05:04
Kids' Rapper's Delight (Kid's Rap-Along) The Sugarhill Gang 05:06

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Jump on It!
Kick a Rhyme with Dr. Seuss
It's Like a Dream Sometimes

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The Sugarhill Gang were formed in 1979 to cash-in on what, at the time, was thought to be the novelty of hip-hop block parties in New York. Producer and Sugar Hill Records label owner Sylvia Robinson assembled three local rappers, Master Gee, Wonder Mike and Big Bank Hank. As the Sugarhill Gang they released the catchy single 'Rapper's Delight' which used the break from Chic's single 'Good Times' and proved to be a worldwide hit. They released their debut album 'The Sugarhill Gang' in 1980.

The Sugarhill Gang had a couple of minor European hits with the tracks '8th Wonder' and 'Apache' but quickly faded and disbanded in 1985. They reformed in 1999 to record a rap album aimed at children, 'Jump On It'. After the death of Big Bank Hank in 2014 the remaining two members reformed to do a world tour in 2016 and still perform.