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Broken Promises Element Eighty 03:16
Scars (The Echo Song) Element Eighty 04:58
Parachute Element Eighty 03:01
Bloodshot Element Eighty 04:00
Goodbye Element Eighty 02:44
Guntruck Element Eighty 03:22
Rabies Element Eighty 03:21
Control Element Eighty 02:38
Mountain Element Eighty 01:38
Price to Pay Element Eighty 03:42

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Hailing from Texas, the nu-metal band Element Eighty came together in 1998. Frontman David Galloway, lead guitarist Matt Woods, bass player Roon, and drummer Ryan Carroll gigged tirelessly and issued their first LP, the self-released Mercuric (because mercury has the number 80 on the periodic chart), in 2001. That brought them to the attention of the major labels, and they issued their self-titled sophomore album on Universal in 2003. It had a smoother, more radio-friendly sound than their first record, and one of the album’s singles, “Broken Promises” landed in the top 40 of the Modern Rock chart. However, the album failed to show any legs, and Roon departed to attend college. Zack Bates would eventually be installed on the bass. Unhappy with their label, they self-released their third album, The Bear, in 2005, but broke up in 2006. They announced a reunion and work on a new album in 2007, but they ended up shutting the band down before any new work was released.