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Better Life Nell 03:52
275 Be the Team (feat. Chris Travis) Nell 04:16
Dre Day Freestyle (feat. Rell) Nell 02:47
Slangin (feat. SpaceGhostPurrp & Yung Simmie) Nell 05:53
Smoke Dat Shit Nell 02:04
Swangin & Bangin Nell 01:41
38 Hott (feat. Oceandrive Jeff) Nell 03:17
Servin da Fiends (feat. Rell) Nell 04:04
Better Life Nell 05:28
Anjo Inútil Nell 03:54

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Havin My Way

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Alternative rock band Nell was formed in Seoul, South Korea in 2000. Founded by Kim Jong-wan (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Lee Jae-kyung (lead guitar), Lee Jung-hoon (bass), and Jung Jae-won (drums), the group was named after the 1994 motion picture Nell starring Jodie Foster. They quickly recorded their debut album, Reflection of, in January 2001 and followed that up with the album Speechless in September of the same year. After two more albums – Let It Rain (2003) and Walk Through Me (2004) – the band signed with Woollim Entertainment and released their first commercially successful album, Healing Process (2006), which reached Number 51 on the albums chart. Separation Army (2008) was also a success, hitting Number 59 on the albums chart. The album featured the single "The Time of Walking On Remembrance," which has become one of their most popular songs. The band was put on hiatus for several years as the band members fulfilled their mandatory military obligations, but they returned with the album Slip Away (2012), which sailed to Number 1 on the South Korean Albums chart. Their next two albums – Newton’s Apple (2014) and C (2016) – landed in the Top 10 while Let’s Part (2018) and Colors in Black (2019) were both Top 20 sellers.