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Afterlife (feat. Nils Molin) Ad Infinitum, Nils Molin 03:35
Somewhere Better Ad Infinitum 04:08
Eternal Rains Ad Infinitum 03:54
Unstoppable Ad Infinitum 04:13
The Underworld Ad Infinitum 03:59
Marching On Versailles Ad Infinitum 03:52
Legends Ad Infinitum, Chrigel Glanzmann 04:03
Upside Down Ad Infinitum 03:15
Ravenous Ad Infinitum 03:37
Seth Ad Infinitum 03:44

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Originally formed as a solo vehicle for the heavy metal mezzo-soprano Melissa Bonny, Ad Infinitum grew into a symphonic metal band with an international audience. Bonny launched the project in 2018 in Montreux, Switzerland, having already performed with the folk-metal band Evenmore and the trance-metal group Rage of Light. "I Am the Storm," her debut single as Ad Infinitum, was released that November. While working on a full-length album in 2019, she expanded Ad Infinitum's lineup by welcome guitarist Adrian Theßenvitz, drummer Niklas Müller, and bassist Jonas Asplind to the fold. Theßenvitz and Müller both hailed from Germany, turning Ad Infinitum into a Swiss/German band whose sound was every bit as diverse as its heritage. The band's debut album, Chapter I: Monarchy, was released in April 2020, preceded by the lead single "Marching on Versailles." After releasing the follow-up singles "See You in Hell" and "Live Before You Die," Ad Infinitum returned to the studio to record Chapter I Revisited, an acoustic album featuring stripped-down renditions of Chapter I: Monarchy's songs. Korbinian Benedict replaced Asplind during the final weeks of 2020, and the band returned in 2021 with a new album, Chapter II: Legacy. Legacy's singles included "Unstoppable" and "Afterlife," the latter of which found Melissa Bonny duetting with fellow Swiss singer Nils Molin. Two years later, the band released its third album, Chapter III: Downfall, which reached Number 22 in Germany during the spring of 2023.