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Embalagem Rosa Neon, LUIZGA 03:13
Costura LUIZGA, Vitor Ramil 04:57
Criança Boa LUIZGA, Lola Membrillo 04:46
Txaísmo LUIZGA, IZem, Txana Tuin Hunikuin, Oreia 03:53
Apologia LUIZGA, Maurício Pereira 04:51
Yoko LUIZGA 03:06
Sonhar Feito Planta Nanan, LUIZGA, Gustavito 03:38
Que Cor Tem Lá Gustavito, LUIZGA, Nanan 03:02
Yemamaya LUIZGA, IZem 04:02
Coração Renato Tupy, LUIZGA 04:06

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Terra Terra

por LUIZGA, Gustavito, Nanan


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LUIZGA is the alter-ego of Luiz Gabriel Lopes, a brazilian singer-songwriter and music producer with roots spread over many territories. Raised in the countryside of Minas Gerais, he grew up listening to the songs his family created, which are still his greatest source of inspiration. His music, heir to the richest lineages of MPB, also mixes influences from pop, folk and world music. Since 2010, he has been crossing the world with his guitar on his back, performing all over Brazil, and also reaching Latin America, Europe, the United States and Asia. LUIZGA is a nomad; a globe-traveller, researching and exchanging music everywhere he steps by. As a solo artist, he released "Passando Portas" (2010), "O Fazedor de Rios" (2015), "MANA" (2017), "Presente" (2020) and SÓIS (2021). He has also released and co-produced over 10 albums with his various bands, including GRAVEOLA, TIÃODUÁ and ROSA NEON, which he founded, and for whom he wrote and sang a lot of songs. Last but not least, he is also currently working as a teacher and a music producer with Hunikuin indigenous communities from Amazon Rainforest, in Acre, Brazil. All this alchemy unfolds at his voice and guitar, from where rhythms like samba, ijexá, xote, and maracatu spring up, dressing his brand new songs, or some themes from his "clan partners". "Clan", by the way, is a word that describes well the place from where LUIZGA´s music comes from: a vibrant and affective work, a testimony and cartography of life.