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Minecraft C418 04:14
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Haggstrom C418 03:24
Équinoxe C418 01:54
Clark C418 03:11
Door C418 01:51
Haunt Muskie C418 06:01
Chirp C418 03:06

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Born Daniel Rosenfeld on 9 May 1989 in Karl-Marx-Stadt, East Germany, the German musician, composer, producer, and sound engineer better known as C418 (pronounced "see four eighteen") gained notoriety as the composer and sound designer for the critically acclaimed sandbox video game Minecraft in the late 2000s. He began experimenting with the multi-track music tracker Impulse Tracker before moving on to the popular Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Ableton Live in the mid-2000s. Encouraged by his brother Harry Rosenfeld and indie film composer Danny Baranowsky, he began sharing his early forays on Bandcamp, creating a new music blog in 2007 while at the same time becoming a hobbyist video game soundtrack composer. His first release, EP BPS, came in 2007 followed by The Whatever Director's Cut in 2008. His pivotal career moment came in 2008, however, when he began working with Markus "Notch" Persson through the indie game development forum TIGSource. He put together the sound effects and music for the game and went on to create a string of albums while working on Minecraft as a freelance artist. His musical contributions to Minecraft, such as the albums Minecraft - Volume Alpha (2011) and Minecraft - Volume Beta (2013), were highly praised and helped the game become popular throughout the world. His own albums, such as One (2012), 148 (2015), and Excursions (2018), span a range of genres from ambient to electronica. In 2024, he worked on the soundtrack to the video game Wanderstop, developed by independent video game developer Ivy Road, which he co-founded with Davey Wreden and Karla Zimonja in 2021.