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Who Is She ? I Monster 03:33
Daydream in Blue I Monster 03:59
Daydream In Blue I Monster 03:43
Daydream in Blue I Monster 03:58
Lust for a Vampyr I Monster 04:33
Goodbye Sun I Monster 04:12
The Back Seat of My Car I Monster 03:01
Everyone's A Loser I Monster 03:15
Heaven I Monster 03:57
Who is She? I Monster 03:43

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Sheffield, England-based electronic duo I Monster is comprised of DJs/producers Dean Honer and Jarrod Gosling. The duo’s innovative mix of psychedelia, trip-hop, and electropop has captured the attention of critics and audiences alike. They are most well-known for their track “The Blue Wrath” (as featured in Shaun of the Dead) and their music has been used in various commercials and television shows all around the world. The duo’s debut album, These Are Our Children, was released in 1998. They followed that album with the critically-acclaimed Neveroddoreven in 2003. Guests on the album include Richard Hawley, Simon Stafford (The Longpigs), and Marion Benoist (The Lovers). The album features two of the duo’s most popular songs: “Daydream in Blue” and “The Blue Wrath”, which was used in the popular cult film Shaun of the Dead. I Monster continued to release albums, working with a wide range of collaborators – their 2016 album Bright Sparks features an appearance from electropop pioneer John Foxx (Ultravox). They’ve also collaborated with other artists including The All Seeing I, HK119, Kevin Pearce, and others. The duo produced The Human League’s 2011 album Credo.