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88 LM.C 03:52
Punky Heart LM.C 03:54
Oh My Juliet. LM.C 03:41
☆Rock the LM.C☆ LM.C 04:24
Bell the CAT LM.C 04:02
Hoshi no Arika. LM.C 04:47
Edo Funk LM.C 03:40
★Rock the Lm.C★ LM.C 04:34
The LOVE SONG LM.C 04:14

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Rainbow Magic Orchestra
Bell the CAT

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LM.C (Lovely Mocochang.Com) is a Japanese visual kei group who were put together in 2003 by the former guitarist of Miyavi, Maya (vocals, guitars, keyboards), later joined by Aiji (backing vocals, guitars, keyboards). They released their first single "Trailers" in 2006, which was available in Gold and Silver and charted at number 13 and number 16 in Japan. A mini-album, Glitter Loud Box, followed in 2007 with the group growing their fanbase on several further singles that year: “Boys and Girls,” “Liar Liar/Sentimental Piggy Romance,” and “Bell the Cat." Mini-albums like 2014's Perfect Fantasy and Perfect Rainbow and 2010's Wonderful Wonderholic saw the group continue to hone their sound. Brand New Songs was released in 2020 with the single “Happy Zombies” making it to number five in Japan. New album Kaibutsuen was released in 2022 with a pair of singles following in 2023: "Joker-2023-" and "Knight Bus."