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Wuthering Heights Angra 04:39
Rebirth Angra 05:17
Nova Era Angra 04:52
Carry On Angra 05:05
Heroes of Sand Angra 04:39
Bleeding Heart Angra 04:04
The Temple of Hate Angra 05:13
Nothing to Say Angra 06:22
Spread Your Fire Angra 04:25
Angels and Demons Angra 04:10

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In Excelsis
Nova Era
Millennium Sun
Acid Rain

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The Brazilian heavy metal band Angra was formed in Sao Paulo in 1991 by college friends Rafael Bittencourt, André Matos and André Linhares. During rehearsals Matos and Bittencourt emerged as the band's main songwriters and almost 30 years after their initial meeting Bittencourt remains the band's main songwriter.

Throughout its history, the band have consistently struggled to maintain a stable line-up and various musicians have come and gone. With personnel issues and management problems the band have suffered two enforced breaks from playing, which on each occasion stalled their career for two years, one in 1999 and the other in 2007.

The band have recorded nine studio albums, including their 1993 debut album 'Angels Cry' which sold 900,000 copies and launched the band into the lucrative Japanese heavy metal market, an audience which continues to buy the band's albums in significant numbers. Despite various career setbacks, the band have maintained a prominent international presence and are a popular attraction at rock festivals around the globe.