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Tommaso Paradiso

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Non Avere Paura Tommaso Paradiso 04:07
Magari no Tommaso Paradiso 03:49
Piove in discoteca Tommaso Paradiso 03:31
Tutte le notti Tommaso Paradiso 03:36
Viaggio Intorno Al Sole Tommaso Paradiso 03:17
I Nostri Anni Tommaso Paradiso 03:38
La stagione del cancro e del leone Tommaso Paradiso 03:37
HO SPENTO IL CIELO Rkomi, Tommaso Paradiso 03:52
È solo domenica Tommaso Paradiso 04:18
Lupin Tommaso Paradiso 04:43

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Tommaso Paradiso is an Italian vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who fronted the band Thegiornalisti for a decade before launching his solo career in 2019. Born in Rome, Italy, on June 25, 1983, he co-founded Thegiornalisti in 2009 with Marco Primavera and Marco Antonio Musella. The band enjoyed immense popularity in Italy, where 2014's Fuoricampo and 2016's Completamente Sold Out became two of the country's biggest albums of the decade. Released in 2017, the single "Riccione" became Thegiornalisti's first Number 1 hit, with 2018's "Questa nostra stupida canzone d'amore," 2018's "New York," and 2019's "Maradona y Pele" all cracking the Top 10 shortly thereafter. Despite this success, tensions within the band reached a boiling point in 2019, with Tommaso Paradiso leaving the lineup that same year and releasing his solo debut single, "Non avere paura," in September 2019. A Number 2 hit in Italy, "Non avere paura" was followed by 2020's "I nostri anni," which climbed to Number 6. "Ma lo vuoi capire?" Was also released in 2020 and peaked at Number 4, giving Tommaso Paradiso three Top 10 hits during the first full year of his solo career. Meanwhile, he also wrote hit songs for other artists, penning tracks like Giusy Ferreri's "Le cose che canto" (2018), Loredana Bertè's "Tequila e San Miguel" 2019), and Boomdabash's Top 10 smash "Don't Worry."