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Eaten Bloodbath 04:18
Soul Evisceration Bloodbath 03:37
Cry My Name Bloodbath 04:40
Drink From The Cup Of Heresy Bloodbath 03:36
Iesous Bloodbath 03:33
Cancer of the Soul Bloodbath 03:34
Slaughtering The Will To Live Bloodbath 03:37
So You Die Bloodbath 03:18
Brave New Hell Bloodbath 04:02
Like Fire Bloodbath 05:02

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Formed in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1998, Bloodbath is a death metal supergroup featuring members of Katatonia, October Tide, Opeth, Paradise Lost, and other Scandinavian acts. Guitarist Anders Nyström and bassist Jonas Renkse co-founded the band, whose original lineup also featured vocalist Mikael Åkerfeldt and drummer Dan Swanö. Bloodbath's debut EP, Breeding Death, was released in February 2000, with the full-length album Resurrection Through Carnage following in 2002. Both records were released by Century Media Records, a German label known for launching the careers of Lacuna Coil, Grave, and Eyehategod. Bloodbath's sophomore album, Nightmares Made Flesh, was released two years later, featuring a revised lineup that included vocalist Peter Tägtgren and drummer Martin Axenrot. Another EP, Unblessing the Purity, arrived in 2008, as did a full-length record entitled The Fathomless Mastery. Lineup changes continued to occur throughout the following decade, with 2014's Grand Morbid Funeral marking the debut of yet another lead singer, Nick Holmes. Guitarist Joakim Karlsson briefly joined the group for 2018's The Arrow of Satan Is Drawn, which charted at Number 37 in Finland and Number 50 in Germany. Upon his exit, session musician Tomas Åkvik was made a full-time member of the band in 2022, the same year that Survival of the Sickest was released.