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Think About the Way Ice MC 04:20
It's a Rainy Day Ice MC 04:15
Dark Night Rider Ice MC 04:13
Take Away the Colour Ice MC 03:28
Cinema Ice MC 03:47
Russian Roulette Ice MC 04:27
Easy Ice MC 03:46
Easy Ice MC 06:38
Run Fa Cover Ice MC 04:45
Take Away The Colour Ice MC 06:52

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Think About The Way
Think About The Way
Think About The Way
Think About The Way

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Ian Campbell (March 22, 1965), aka Ice MC, is a British rapper who enjoyed a great deal of success in the early 90s with his raggamuffin-infused brand of Eurodance. Campbell kicked off his music career in Italy under the wing of record producer Roberto “Robyx” Zanetti, who produced his 1989 debut single “Easy.” The hip-house track blew up all over Europe, reaching the Top 5 in Italy, Germany, and Switzerland. Cinema, his first full-length, saw the light in 1990 and spawned three more singles: “Scream,” “OK Corral!,” and the title track, all of which performed relatively well on the European charts. Released in 1991, sophomore effort My World failed to meet its predecessor’s success and was considered a commercial flop at the time. A third album entitled Ice’n’Green arrived in 1994 and included Campbell’s biggest hits to date - “Take Away the Colour,” “Think About the Way,” and “It’s a Rainy Day,” which hit Number 1 in Italy and was certified silver in France. In 1996, Campbell parted ways with Zanetti citing creative differences and partnered with Enrico Zabler (of Masterboy fame) for Dreadatour, released that same year. Despite producing a couple of charting singles (“Give Me the Light” and “Music for Money”), the album didn’t perform as expected and the rapper disappeared from the public eye for a couple of years. Almost ten years after their last collaboration, Campbell and Zanetti buried the hatchet and returned with Cold Skool (2004), whose lead single “It’s a Miracle” peaked at Number 39 in Italy. In the following years, Campbell released a handful of scattered singles, most notably “Out Tonight” (2012) and 2017’s “Do the Dip,” featuring Nico Heinz and Max Kuhn.