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Trilha Sonora do Gueto

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Favela Sinistra Trilha Sonora do Gueto 03:35
Face Oculta Trilha Sonora do Gueto 05:09
Um Pião de Vida Loka Trilha Sonora do Gueto 07:47
Vida Loka Também Ama Trilha Sonora do Gueto 08:05
Reflexões Trilha Sonora do Gueto, Zekinha, Mc Hariel, Maycon Jr 08:22
Padre Nuestro Trilha Sonora do Gueto 05:04
Vermes da Terra Trilha Sonora do Gueto 04:35
Já Era a Igreja Trilha Sonora do Gueto 03:43
Calix-Se Trilha Sonora do Gueto 06:00
3ª Opção Trilha Sonora do Gueto 04:44

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Trilha Sonora do Gueto, aka T$G or T.S. DO GUETO, is a Brazilian hip-hop collective from the neighborhood of Capão Redondo in São Paulo. Formed in 1999, the group has had its fair share of lineup changes through the years and is known for its extensive use of colloquial language and slang. Founded by Djalma “Cascão” Oliveira Rios, who decided to devote his life to music after spending eight years in prison, the group emerged in the underground hip-hop scene in the early aughts and made their official debut with the album Us Fracu num Tem Veiz in 2003. The album featured the songs “Favela Sinistra” and “Um Pião de Vida Loka,” which appeared on the series Turma do Gueto and was nominated for Best Rap Video of the Year at the Brazilian VMAs of 2004. They followed this success in 2006 with the live album Aos Vivos and the DVD Kumigu kem kise, Kontra mim kem Puder. Following a series of changes in their formation, Cascão’s son Zekinha joined the group in 2007. A year later, DJ Soneka jumped on board and made his debut on T$G’s sophomore effort, Purke Tudo num Mundo é Vaidade (2008). In the subsequent years, Trilha Sonora do Gueto release the gospel project Sem Nome Sem Placa (2011) and returned in 2015 with their fifth full-length Du Lixo Au Luxu.