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Rhythm of the Rain The Cascades 02:33
Dreamin' The Cascades 02:24
Rhythm of the Rain The Cascades 02:27
Dreamin' The Cascades 02:27
El Ritmo de la Lluvia The Cascades 02:34
First Love Never Dies The Cascades 02:22
Cinderella The Cascades 02:41
Let Me Be The Cascades 02:15
Rhythm Of The Rain The Cascades 02:30
There's a Reason The Cascades 02:24

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A pop vocal group from San Diego, California, The Cascades scored a global hit in 1963 with "Rhythm of the Rain." The group formed in 1960, while its members were all serving time with the United States Navy. Originally known as "The Silver Strands," the bandmates changed their name to The Cascades in 1962, sourcing their inspiration from a popular brand of dishwashing detergent. Frontman John Gummoe, guitarist Eddie Snyder, keyboardist David Szabo, bassist Dave Stevens, and drummer Dave Wilson changed their sound, too, adopting a harmony-heavy approach inspired by the The Beach Boys' signature vocal blend. After releasing the debut single "There's a Reason" in 1962, the group struck gold with "Rhythm of the Rain," a melancholy song Gummoe had written while stationed aboard the USS Jason. Recorded in Los Angeles with members of The Wrecking Crew, the song was released in November 1962 and hit the charts the following year, peaking at Number 3 in the US and Number 5 in the UK. It became a Top 10 hit in five additional countries, climbing to Number 1 in both Ireland and Canada. The Cascades' full-length debut album, Rhythm of the Rain, was released in 1963 and failed to sell as well as its titular single. Follow-up releases like 1968's What Goes On Inside and 1969's Maybe the Rain Will Fall failed to crack the charts. John Gummoe left the band during the late 1960s and pursued a solo career, and The Cascades continued to tour periodically until breaking up in 1975.