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Paro Nej 02:33
Paro Nej 03:24
Météo Nej 03:02
Rivaliser Nej 02:56
Bonheur du monde Nej 02:54
Je t'a(b)ime Nej 03:48
Ma colombe Nej 03:09
FOTO (feat. Nej) Lartiste, Nej 03:40
Inta habibi Nej 02:39
Ma Raison Nej 03:05

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The French urban artist known as Nej' was born and raised in the city of Toulouse. Shr started singing from a very early age, inspired by American R&B singer Mary J. Blige. At the age of 18, she moved to Paris and rapidly became involved with the city’s burgeoning urban music scene, collaborating with everyone from S.Pri Noir to Mister You, Still Fresh, Volts Face, and Jarod. Her studio debut, the sprawling double album Enchantée, saw the light in 2019 and featured guest spots by Lefa, Ridsa, Naps, Zaho, and Niro. In 2020, Nej issued a deluxe edition of Enchantée titled Enchantée (Black Edition), followed by the infectious single “Petit Chat” later that year. Nej’s musical evolution continued in 2021 with the full-length Sos (Chapitre 1), which combined her love for American R&B with North African music. “Ma Colombe,” one of the singles from the album, climbed to Number 149 on the French charts. A second installment of the Sos series titled Sos (Chapitre 2) appeared in 2022 and spawned the single “Je t’a(b)ime,” which entered the French streaming charts at Number 134.