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Retired Navy SEAL, Jocko Willink and Director, Echo Charles discuss discipline and leadership in business, war, relationships and everyday life.


427: Work Hard and Be Useful. With Arnold Schwarzenegger
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137:16 28/02/2024
Jocko Underground: Using Time as a Weapon
Temporal motivation theory.Teaching others to have thick skin.All or nothing fallacy.The Path, The Code, The Evaluation. What is this?Joining the military while disapproving of Government decisions.Getting over your ex as you start a new chapter in life.Support this podcast at —
13:43 26/02/2024
426: Sometimes You Just Gotta Put Out a Sign. With Zach Bell (Veteran With A Sign)
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203:15 21/02/2024
425: Perspective from A Diary of The Korean War.
"Waiting for the Blessed Light on Dawn", by Ted Hofsiss.Support this podcast at —
173:18 14/02/2024
Jocko Underground: How Are You Treating People?
How do you treat people?Mental preparation. Important advice for time management. Emotional control in high stress situations. Methods to get out of debt.Navigation problems within groups. Support this podcast at —
14:32 12/02/2024
424: Action and Purpose Even When You Are Afraid.
USAF Manual, "Psychological Aspects of Survival." Part 2. Support this podcast at —
134:45 07/02/2024
Jocko Underground: These Are Your Defense Mechanisms
These Are Your Defense Mechanisms. Financial advice for kids. How to become the person you need to be. When your boss or partner is lashing out under the pressure. How to become "Unbotherable."Support this podcast at —
16:29 05/02/2024
423: Your Personality May Keep You From Surviving. "Psychological Aspects of Survival"
Psychological Aspects of Survival, 1954 Air Force Manual.Support this podcast at —
114:49 31/01/2024
Jocko Underground: Your Behavior Is Impulsive. This is How You Know.
Impulsive behavior.Starting Jiu Jitsu for the mental benefits only.Autistic/special needs kids and getting them on track with teachers and caregivers.The yearning to do something great.Married to an abusive drunk, but the love is deep.How to meet girls.Skilled, but left on the sideline during the action.Support this podcast at —
13:11 29/01/2024
422: How to Effectively Interrogate Someone
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101:41 24/01/2024
The Debrief w/ Jocko And Dave Berke #28: Your People Deviating From The Plan
"I'm in the truck. There's a reason for that." People getting the job done, but changing the plan and method of execution. Support this podcast at —
30:52 23/01/2024
Jocko Underground: How To Exact Revenge On An Enemy
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16:00 22/01/2024
DEF 07: All Failure is Psychological
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08:32 18/01/2024
421: This Is Why People Don't Achieve What They Set Out To Achieve.
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72:07 17/01/2024
Jocko Underground: Being Reactive is Jamming You Up.
Reactive vs Proactive. Is being more disciplined ALWAYS the right call?Working out with a schedule that's already full. Wanting to serve but too old with not enough credentials. Red flags in dating. What to do. Choosing a Jiu Jitsu gym. Gracie Barra. Support this podcast at —
13:52 15/01/2024
DEF 06: You Can't Control Other People. You Can Only Control You.
When we fail to do what we are supposed to do, it hurts us to admit it's our fault. Support this podcast at —
11:36 12/01/2024
420: Pushing The Bubble Until Things That Are Totally Crazy Become Possible. With Alex Honnold
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184:15 10/01/2024
Jocko Underground: Are You Being Sociopathic?
Are you a sociopath?People not coming through VS Betrayal.Which training methods best for becoming a Warrior.Self doubt in light of a promotion at work.Maintaining relationships virtually. Getting over a break-up and self-destruction. Support this podcast at —
15:33 08/01/2024
DEF 05: How To Stop Procrastination and Stop Laziness
Procrastination is one of the biggest obstacles in the way of your success... in anything. This is how you overcome procrastination. Support this podcast at —
08:02 04/01/2024
419: Training, Discipline, and The Battlefield of Life. With Leif Babin.
How you help people and yourself is to train. Disciplined training will prepare you for almost everything. Support this podcast at —
143:49 03/01/2024
Jocko Underground: All The Reactive Devaluation Going On
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11:47 02/01/2024
418: Keep Your Eyes on That Target Because That's Where It's Happening. With Mark Coch "Cochiolo""
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208:24 27/12/2023
DEF 04: Stop Lying To Yourself
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22:13 22/12/2023
417: Put Your Helmet on and Take Some Risks. With Danica Patrick
As a racecar driver, Danica Patrick broke barriers and set records with her on-track performance. With her racing career behind her, Danica looks to her next chapter as she focuses on her passions: good food, great wine, fitness and helping others achieve their goals.Danica joined the mainstream ranks by succeeding in the male-dominated world of professional motorsports. Danica was named to TIME’s “100 Most Influential People” list, has graced the cover of many prestigious publications and was featured in pictorials in the 2008 and 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She has appeared in a record-setting 14 Super Bowl commercialsSupport this podcast at —
227:44 20/12/2023
DEF 03: Time To Reset. The Count is Zero.
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29:21 19/12/2023
Jocko Underground: Rebuild Your Reputation | Handling Bullies | Her Jealous Ex Causing Problems.
Rebuild Your ReputationChaos for a civilians in The Ukraine. How to deal with it. Handling Bullies Her Jealous Ex Causing Problems.Support this podcast at —
07:43 18/12/2023
DEF 02: "Why" Can Bear Almost Any "How"
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21:03 15/12/2023
416: Step Up, Work Hard, Have Fun, and Raise The Bar. With "Lead Bob" Bobby Holland.
"Lead Bob", Bobby Holland. Navy SEAL and entrepreneur. Founder of Hoolie Golf.HoolieGolf.comSupport this podcast at —
282:07 13/12/2023
DEF 01: You Still Might Not Get It
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17:57 12/12/2023
Jocko Underground: Proclaiming Victory Can Be A Trap
Proclaiming Victory Can Be A Trap.Going direct on an obnoxious person.Feeling inadequate in the dating market.The right decision: Follow your heart? Or Security?How do you measure up after one year of training?Jocko's opinion on waterboarding.Support this podcast at —
14:08 11/12/2023

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