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6 Minute Grammar

Learn English grammar in six minutes. Every Tuesday join two of our presenters and learn a new key area of grammar. Our presenters include Finn, Emma, Rob, Neil, Sophie and Alice.


Comparatives and superlatives
Who's taller and who is the thinnest? Learn how to compare people and things in English.
06:13 05/12/2023
The present perfect with 'for' and 'since'
Learn how to answer questions with 'how long' using the words 'for' and 'since'.
06:09 28/11/2023
The present perfect with ‘ever’ and ‘never’
Have you ever ridden a camel? Use the present perfect to talk about life experiences.
05:58 21/11/2023
Verb patterns
Verb + infinitive with 'to'? Verb + gerund? Learn about verb patterns.
06:18 14/11/2023
So, such, enough, too
Learn how to use these intensifiers in English.
06:19 06/11/2023
-ing and -ed (Participle) Clauses
We explain all about present and past participle clauses.
06:10 31/10/2023
The future perfect
How to use the future perfect to make educated guesses about things that will happen.
06:10 24/10/2023
Linking devices of contrast
Despite, although, while - there are lots of ways we link contrasting ideas.
06:17 17/10/2023
Conditionals review
Finn and Callum look at all kinds of 'if' clauses.
06:09 10/10/2023
Used to, be used and get used to
We explain and demonstrate the different way these verbs, which look similar, are used.
06:10 03/10/2023
Future continuous and be + infinitive
Learn two ways of talking about the future.
06:08 26/09/2023
4 types of phrasal verbs
Callum and Catherine discuss four different types of phrasal verb
06:16 19/09/2023
Narrative tenses
What tenses do we use to tell stories in English?
06:14 12/09/2023
Adverb position 2
We discuss where we use adverbs with adjectives and other adverbs.
06:08 05/09/2023
Relative clauses
Learn how to use defining and non-defining relative clauses.
06:09 29/08/2023
Talking about the future
Learn how to use 'will', 'going to', 'might' and 'be likely to' to talk about the future.
06:14 22/08/2023
The definite article with abstract uncountable nouns
Learn all about the word 'the' and how to use it with abstract uncountable nouns.
06:09 15/08/2023
Adverb position
We talk about the three positions where adverbs usually go when used with verbs.
06:08 08/08/2023
Comparatives and superlatives
Catherine and Finn discuss comparatives and superlatives… and commuting!
06:12 25/07/2023
Active and passive voice
Learn about using the active and passive voices in this episode of 6 Minute Grammar.
06:17 18/07/2023
Reported speech
What to do with pronouns, tenses and word order when you report what someone else says.
06:12 11/07/2023
Linking devices: cause and effect
Learn words and phrases like 'therefore' and 'because of'.
06:17 04/07/2023
The third conditional
Learn how to use the third conditional to talk about things in the past you didn't do.
06:17 27/06/2023
Adjectives and adverbs
We discover that chocolate biscuits are a helpful learning tool when talking about this.
06:20 20/06/2023
The past perfect
Where had John already gone when Mary rang his doorbell? We give you the answer.
05:59 13/06/2023
Modals of deduction and speculation
Learn what to say when you're making a guess about a past or present situation.
06:18 06/06/2023
First and zero conditional
Learn how to use two types of conditional sentences
06:05 30/05/2023
To separate or not to separate? We look into phrasal and prepositional verbs.
06:17 23/05/2023
Learn how to use 'both', 'every', 'all', 'each', 'either' and 'neither'.
06:19 16/05/2023
Present perfect continuous
Neil's got paint all over his clothes. What's he been doing?
06:11 09/05/2023

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