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Když padá sníh Beata Hlavenková, Patrick Karpentski, Oskar Török, Milos Klapste 04:17
Tma Lenka Dusilova, Monika Načeva, Marcel Barta, Iva Bittova 13:59
Mehwa Beata Hlavenková, Oskar Török 04:37
Scenery Beata Hlavenková 04:52
Landfall Beata Hlavenková 03:48
Prameny Beata Hlavenková, Oskar Török 03:21
What Child Is It Beata Hlavenková 04:08
Narodil Se Kristus Pán Beata Hlavenková 04:27
Joy To The World Beata Hlavenková 02:53
Companion Beata Hlavenková 03:56

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Beata Hlavenková is Czech pianist, singer, composer, arranger and producer, graduated in composition from the Janaček Conservatory in Ostrava in 1998 and mastered in composition, jazz composition and arrangement at the University of Massachusetts in 2004. The winner of two Anděl Awards and the Jantar Award, Hlavenková is now fully focused on her solo creative work, writing lyrics, and singing, following the release of the album Sně and the soundtrack for the movie Zátopek. Listeners will have a hard time classifying her music in any of the established genres. On her sixth solo album entitled Žijutě, Hlavenková has gone the way of intelligent pop, featuring electro beat and crossover elements, an approach that naturally reflects her musical personality. Hlavenková's work has instinctively evolved from dreamy poetry to a distinctive expression, even though her musicality remains submerged in impressionist soundscapes.