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We all know the discussions around fake news, and sometimes it is really hard to judge what is true and what not. The story of Czech band Blitz Union, that started to release their upcoming second EP on October 16th 2020, truly sounds unbelievable. In short: the singer of the band got hit by lightning, saw the future and how bad it will get. In order to get the message - it is time for change! - out to the world as loud and clear as possible, he immediately founded the mysterious group called Blitz Union with his best friends. Soon, more and more enthusiastic and determined supporters joined. Their identification mark is a black helmet, reminding of a mix between the Middle Ages and Star Wars. You can find it on their shirts, on flags, but even as tattoos. Although heavy metal music, enriched with electronic sounds, could be seen as violent or anti, the band and their songs are far from that. Their last single “revolution” couldn’t be more current, and the music video shows exactly why: scenes from news reports showing dictators, corrupt politicians, environmental disasters, violence and death. “We are creating this union for a peaceful, but massive change”, band leader Mr. Blitz - as his followers call him - explains, “politicians and people of wealth are leading us to doom. We have to stop them. Now!”