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Better traffic situation in the city? We need the data about pedestrians too, says the MIT expert
Data moves the world - especially in urban mobility. The municipalities, or f.e. service providers, are collecting the data and using them to improve their services and the place we live in. What data to collect? And how to use them for urban projects regarding mobility issues and climate change? That was one of the main topics of this year's Prague City Data Congress. And one of the speakers was Fábio Duarte, the principal research scientist at MIT Senseable City Lab.  Fábio Duarte wants to improve the urban public space with the available data - preferably to eliminate as many cars as possible. With his colleagues, he worked, among other projects, on autonomous robotic boats or the optimization of taxi rides in New York. What data do you need for these solutions? And in what case should you invest in infrastructure that helps you collect the data? That's the topic for today's SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST, recorded directly on Prague City Data Congress. And the other guest is Jan Charouz, CEO of shared electric scooter platform BeRider. 
34:25 27.11.2022
Park & Pay without leaving the car - with new ŠKODA app
Find a parking space, select the zone in the app and pay on your phone. I guess we all know this process pretty well already. But ŠKODA has made it even simpler. In Switzerland, ŠKODA tested the Pay-to-park app in a pilot scheme, allowing you to select and pay for parking using the car’s infotainment system without pulling out your mobile. Plus, thanks to this service, you don’t have to pay for more time than you were actually parked in that zone. After Switzerland, ŠKODA has now launched this app in Germany, Finland, and Belgium, and it’s coming to other countries, including the Czech Republic, soon.How does it work exactly? What data went into developing it? And how did the pilot scheme in Switzerland go? For this interview, we travelled to the city of Zug, near Zurich, with Tomáš Dražil from ŠKODA AUTO Digilab who was in charge of developing the application. And the other guest is Thushan Bala Marketing Coordinator at ŠKODA – AMAG Group. 
31:46 16.11.2022
FABIA RS Rally2 - developed for the success!
When you look at the provisional rankings of the World Rally Championship in the WRC 2 category, there are three drivers with the ŠKODA FABIA Rally2 EVO – the third generation of the rally FABIA – in the top three positions. And ŠKODA AUTO hopes that the next generation will be just as dominant. The FABIA RS Rally2, the fourth generation of this rally version of the popular FABIA, has just finished the homologation process, and we had the opportunity to take a ride as a co-drivers on the rally track near Klatovy in western Bohemia.In this SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST, we'll be interviewing Michal Hrabánek, head of ŠKODA Motorsport, and other team members. We’ll be discussing the development of the rally FABIA, the important role of computer simulations, and how different it is to design a car for customer teams, as ŠKODA no longer has a factory team.
32:41 2.11.2022
ŠKODA ENYAQ iV’s batteries are getting their second life
PRE, the third largest electricity supplier in the Czech Republic, opened a new charging hub in Prague’s eleventh district with ten AC and one fast DC charger. In cooperation with ŠKODA, they also installed this small container – so-called second-life battery energy storage. This device is an answer to common questions like “What happens to the battery once it degrades?” And also, “How can I charge my car if I live in a flat with no garage?” This energy storage contains 48 batteries from ENYAQ iVs and ENYAQ COUPÉ iVs and helps to supply up to ten AC chargers here in Prague 11 or gives a boost to the 150kW DC charger next to them. And in the future, it might also help to maintain the balance in the grid for nearby homes.That’s the topic for Jan Železný from ŠKODA AUTO Digilab and Jan Špatný, ŠKODA AUTO e-mobility team. 
32:43 17.10.2022
Faster, more reliable and safer data transfer - ŠKODA and Vodafone installed new 5G private network
It might be frustrating when your wifi internet speed fluctuates. But in the worst-case scenario, it means your download is taking a bit longer, or the stream is not stable. But the same situation in the production hall would mean the industrial robots are not working properly, which might cause serious damage. ŠKODA IT thus partnered with the Vodafone Czech Republic and installed the first big commercial 5G mobile private network at its manufacturing plant in Mladá Boleslav. This 5G network is faster, more stable, and more robust than the data transfer technologies the company has used so far. Otto Zeman, IoT solution & service Lead at Vodafone and Martin Polák from ŠKODA IT department were in charge of installing the new 5G network in Mladá BoleslavIn this episode of SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST, we explain why big producers such as ŠKODA might benefit from the 5G networks and what advantages they bring to the automotive industry. 
23:22 28.9.2022
Hexagon - 1,2 million points per second closer to perfection thanks to laser technology
Do you know that specific smell of a brand-new car? Everything is clean and polished, and all the parts fit together perfectly—every stitch on the seat, every piece of the bodywork. To achieve that, you need a high level of quality control - both during the development of the car and later during the production phase.ŠKODA thus partnered with Swiss company Hexagon and, thanks to this collaboration, uses state-of-the-art laser technology in its production lines. And also, ŠKODA experts work closely with their swiss colleagues and can help further develop this highly accurate and high-speed measurement technology. In this episode of the Simply Clever podcast, I visited the Hexagon R&D facility in Unterentfelden, close to Zurich, Switzerland, to learn more about laser technology and its future in the automotive industry. And my guests are Niklaus Sutter, sales and marketing manager at Hexagon, and Valentin Baumann from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.
47:54 14.9.2022
Future of ŠKODA. Electrified, modern solid and up to date with strong heritage
Welcome to the new episode of the SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST. Right after the summer break, we start with a big world premiere. At the end of August, ŠKODA unveiled its seven-seater VISION 7S concept. ŠKODA thus provides the first specific outlook on the brand's new design language. From now on, ŠKODA will be not only simply clever but also modern solid. This new design language combines robustness, functionality, and authenticity. With the new design language, there will also be a new corporate identity, which is the most radical change in 30 years, with a new picturemark and wordmark coming up in the next few months and years. Both the new design language and corporate identity are the topics for this episode of SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST. And my honorable guest is Oliver Stefani, head of ŠKODA Design, and later on Martin Jahn, Board Member for Sales & Marketing at ŠKODA. 
28:47 31.8.2022
ŠKODA 1100 OHC Coupé: "czech E-Type" back on track
At the end of the 1950s, two ŠKODA coupés based on the 1100 OHC roadster began taking part in Czech road races. While they did enjoy some success in local races, their racing career didn’t last long – the 1960s saw a new category of racing cars, and the OHC Coupé went into retirement. Enthusiasts from ŠKODA Česana bought the two cars, but in the end, both were written off in crashes. One of them was so burnt that its unique all-aluminium body was destroyed. Nevertheless, today’s SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST 2.0 is all about this wonderful coupé, which was nicknamed the Czech E-type. This is because a few years ago, workers at the ŠKODA Museum joined forces with the ŠKODA AUTO Prototype Construction Centre to revive this burnt-out coupé using original plans, modern technology and above all the enormous enthusiasm and determination of everyone involved.
17:31 22.6.2022
Rally car that can make water out of the air
Apprentices from the ŠKODA AUTO Vocational School build a unique Student Concept Car every year. This time, they based it on ŠKODA’s smallest SUV, the KAMIQ. In collaboration with ŠKODA Motorsport, they created the amazing ŠKODA AFRIQ that could enter any special stage of the legendary Dakar Rally off the bat. Plus, it can make water out of the air - thanks to technology from the Israeli company WaterGen. The system extracts drinking water from the humidity of the air and can even generate drinking water in the desert. By installing a unit in the AFRIQ, ŠKODA AUTO is raising awareness of this technology that can help to combat water shortages in desert regions and eliminate the need for single-use plastic bottles. But how does it work? And how did this collaboration between ŠKODA AUTO and WaterGen come about? That's the topic of today's episode of the SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST 2.0. Joining me is Ludmila Prokopcová, head of technology scouting & business development, and Steve Elbaz, vice-president for mobility at WaterGen.
40:02 8.6.2022
Engines, gearboxes and now batteries - ŠKODA AUTO starts the production of its own traction batteries for electric vehicles
Today we’re at the M6 production hall of the ŠKODA AUTO factory in Mladá Boleslav. So far, this is where batteries for the plug-in hybrid cars, SUPERB iV and OCTAVIA iV have been produced. But not long ago, ŠKODA AUTO added traction batteries to the line-up. These are used in the all-electric models based on the MEB platform – the ENYAQ iV and ENYAQ Coupé iV. The company invested almost 130 million euros in the new facility. 200 new jobs will be created, and when running at full capacity, the line will produce  more than  250,000 traction batteries per year.I recently had the opportunity to visit the new production line and find out how the batteries are assembled, how much of this work is automated, and how the employees were trained to work on this production line. That’s the topic of today’s episode and joining me is Christian Bleiel, Head of Component Production at ŠKODA AUTO.
30:15 25.5.2022
"Tetris", which can save tons of CO2
Almost everyone knows the classic computer game, which aims to place variously shaped elements in a given space as compactly as possible. ŠKODA AUTO logistics has the same task whenever they have to load a 40-foot-long freight container. However, since 2020, they have been supported by an application using artificial intelligence technology: OPTIKON AI calculates the best way to place and the optimal number of different types of pallets, thus maximizing the loading capacity of the container.How exactly does OPTIKON work? What does such a container loading look like in practice? And where else could similar optimization help the carmaker? The guests of today's SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST 2.0 are the coordinator of the ŠKODA AUTO transport systems, Jakub Novák, and Petr Švarc from the artificial intelligence department.
30:37 4.5.2022
Despite the war: 35 Ukrainian women are producing cable harnesses in Mladá Boleslav
Today’s SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST is special. We won’t be talking about digitaltechnologies or innovations but about helping the people of Ukraine fleeing from Russianaggression. Due to the war, PEKM Kabeltechnik temporarily suspended production at itsplant in Lviv, where they assemble cable harnesses for door panels, bumpers, seats, andtowbars. The factory is now operating again, but to a limited extent due to supplyconstraints. This is why ŠKODA AUTO decided to help the company duplicate production,i.e., double up production, specifically in Mladá Boleslav. How did ŠKODA AUTO manage to relocate part of the production from Ukraine to MladáBoleslav in just a few weeks? And how important is it for the carmaker? Today’s guests onthe SIMPLY CLEVER podcast are the head of the ŠKODA AUTO Connectivity and Electronics Purchasing department, Jan Melichar, the Supply Chain Risk Manager Pavel Odstrčil and ŠKODA AUTO Board Member for Purchasing Karsten Schnake. 
26:24 21.4.2022
Do I need photovoltaics to charge my electric car at home?
In this episode of the Simply Clever podcast, we’ll be offering some advice to people who have decided to switch to electromobility.Imagine the situation – you have two cars at home, and you’re thinking about trading one in to get an EV, maybe one with a small battery that’s ideal for towns and cities.I was in that situation not so long ago and had questions like:is it ok if I just use a standard plug socket to charge the EV? How is charging going to affect my bills? And should I start thinking about solar panels? Especially after energy priceswent through the roof at the end of the year.  I decided to ask somebody with lots of experience in electromobility, home charging, and solar energy. Today’s guest is EV enthusiast and YouTuber popularizing electromobility and photovoltaics, Jan Staněk, aka ElectroDad. Jan invited us to his house close to Brno and showed us what it’s like to live with two e-cars in the garage. 
32:04 6.4.2022
How it feels to drive new ŠKODA ENYAQ Coupé RS iV?
Sportier, more passionate, and more powerful - at the end of January, ŠKODA AUTO introduced a new version of the fully electric model ENYAQ iV - the ENYAQ COUPÉ iV. And now, in March, the journalists had the first chance to drive it - including the fastest version RS. The so-called Media Launch was held in Tuscany, Italy. And in this episode of SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST 2.0, I'm going to try out the new ENYAQ COUPÉ iV on my own.
29:59 23.3.2022
Robin Švaříček about peer-to-peer carsharing
The expression peer-to-peer comes from computer terminology. In peer-to-peer networks, the clients or users communicate directly with each other. And peer-to-peer cArshAring works exactly the same way. As a customer, you do not rent from a carsharing company but directly from the car owner - when he is not using his vehicle. In this episode of SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST, we look back at the successful year of growth and expansion of the Czech peer-to-peer carsharing service HoppyGo with its CEO Robin Švaříček. For example, we talk about how the EV market growth in the Czech Republic changed this carsharing service. 
29:37 11.2.2022
Dalibor Pantůček & Jaromír Mendl about new ŠKODA ENYAQ COUPÉ iV
No fuel, just heartbeat - with these words ŠKODA AUTO introduced its new member of the EV family - ŠKODA ENYAQ COUPÉ iV and also its RS version. More aerodynamic profile, more sportive design, extended range and faster charging and in RS version the most powerful production ŠKODA ever. That's all you get with this new ŠKODA electric model, while you still have a spacious boot that is only 15 liters smaller than in regular ENYAQ iV. You can re-watch the world premiere on ŠKODA AUTO Czech republic Youtube channel. And here in SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST 2.0 I interviewed Daniel Pantůček, exterior designer at ŠKODA AUTO and Jaromír Mendl, product marketing manager for ENYAQ iV and ENYAQ Coupé iV.
21:04 2.2.2022
Jiří Dytrych about new global platform for small cars
Shortly after Skoda Auto presented its new model for the Indian market, the small Sedan Slavia, the car manufacturer announced another piece of news concerning its “global models”, specifically the next generation of vehicles for the Indian and South American markets, among others. Skoda Auto is taking over global responsibility for the MQB-A0 platform of the Volkswagen Group and will be developing the next generation of this platform, which incorporates the smallest models produced by the Group. This will include the successors of the recently introduced cars for the Indian market, Kushaq and Slavia. What does this mean for Skoda Auto? What is the potential of these “entry models” on global markets? What are the differences between the versions of the models presented on the individual markets? Jiří Dytrych, head of the Small product line at Skoda Auto, will be answering these questions in the newest edition of the Simply Clever podcast. 
28:49 19.1.2022
Sascha Meyer about the ridesharing service MOIA
In this episode of SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST 2.0 we visit Hamburg. This city with the population of almost 2 millions people is facing exactly the same problem as most of the big cities. Lots of cars, not enough space for parking and of course emissions. Volskwagen offers its own solution - ridesharing service called MOIA. You can see these golden painted electric minibuses pretty much everywhere on the streets of Hamburg. What you don't see is the clever algorithm behind the app which calculates the optimal route for you going for example to work and anybody else who might share the same direction you are headed. With only six seats in a spacious car you have much more comfort than in a public transport yet it is a bit cheaper and much more sustainable than taking a taxi or your own car. MOIA s vision is quite ambitious - to take one million cars off the road. In MOIA headquarters in the center of Hamburg we met with Sascha Meyer, Chief Product officer of the company. 
34:59 8.12.2021
Marek Jancák about the global shortage of chips
Probably nobody could have expected that right after the covid crisis there would be another global problem causing the vehicle production to stop - this time the global shortage of chips. Of course, covid19 played its role. One of the other reasons is probably that the production of chips is too centralised in Asia. But it was probably a combination of various factors combined. How are the automotive companies supposed to react? A what is the outline for upcoming months? These are the questions for Marek Jancák, head of ŠKODA AUTO vehicle production in a new episode of SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST 2.0.
20:40 1.12.2021
Eric Boutin about changes in customer journey
Imagine that you are thinking about selling your old car. But not because you want to sell it, but because the car itself told you it is the right time to do it - based on used car market data. According to Eric Boutin, head of customer journey at ŠKODA AUTO this is not a science fiction. With proper data it is quite an easy thing to process. But we need to get to the point where there will be public consent that this kind of data usage is beneficial for the customers. What exactly is behind the term customer journey? Does it end at some point? And how has it changed because of covid, younger generation of customers and new digital technologies? I'm Vojtěch Koval and you are listening to SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST  2.0 with Eric Boutin, head of customer Journey at ŠKODA AUTO.
32:23 10.11.2021
SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST 2.0 - coming soon!
SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST 2.0 - coming soon! 
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