Album picture of Seasons, Ceremonies & Rituals: The Calendar in Traditional Song

Seasons, Ceremonies & Rituals: The Calendar in Traditional Song

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The Moon Shine Bright (Spring and Easter) Rams Bottom 01:59
The Oxplough Song (Spring and Easter) Johnny Collins 03:18
Gloucestershire Wassail (Spring and Easter) Ian Woods, Charley Yarwood 02:52
Trunkles (Spring and Easter) Laurence Platt 01:31
Jack in the Green (Spring and Easter) White Hart 03:06
April Song (Spring and Easter) Jolly Jack 01:39
The Jolly Boys Song (Spring and Easter) Preston Isle Metal Band 02:23
The Buffoon (Spring and Easter) Laurence Platt 00:48
Midgley Pace Egg Song (Spring and Easter) Derek Elliot, Dorothy Elliot 01:38
Jennifer Gentle (Spring and Easter) Martin Carter 02:45
Bedfordshire May Song (Spring and Easter) White Hart 02:35
The Five Wells (Spring and Easter) The Ripley Wayfarers 02:51
Brimbledon Fair (Summer) John Rennard 04:03
Gee Cross Fair / How Do You Do (Summer) Tom Shepley's Band 02:22
Long Meg & Her Daughters (Summer) Linda Adams 03:36
Bonny Hawthorn (Summer) Johnny Collins 02:25
Country Gardens (Summer) Laurence Platt 00:38
Mottram Wakes (Summer) Tom Shepley's Band 03:26
Harvest Song (Autumn) Johnny Collins 01:42
Souling Song (Autumn) Linda Adams, Stuart Owen 01:31

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