Album picture of Paradise Road

Paradise Road




When Love Turns To Lie South-West-Wind 05:13
Townships South-West-Wind 04:38
Price Of Freedom South-West-Wind 03:27
Get Back Home South-West-Wind 04:12
Am I Born For You South-West-Wind 04:13
Paradise Road South-West-Wind 04:04
Nelson Mandela South-West-Wind 05:11
Paradise On Earth South-West-Wind 04:46
Fly South-West-Wind 04:51
Don't Give up South-West-Wind 04:24
Pay The Price South-West-Wind 05:56
Sweet Pain South-West-Wind 04:56
Waterfront South-West-Wind 06:21
Girl Of The Moon South-West-Wind 04:32
Townships (bonus track) South-West-Wind 04:35

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