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Finally Kings of Tomorrow 05:15
Fall For You (feat. April) Kings of Tomorrow, April 05:37
Finally (feat. Julie McKnight) Kings of Tomorrow, Julie McKnight 05:58
Fall For You (feat. April) Kings of Tomorrow, April 05:11
Faded (feat. Kandace Springs) [Sandy Rivera Classic Mix] Kings of Tomorrow, Kandace Springs 06:08
Finally Kings of Tomorrow 08:06
So Alive Kings of Tomorrow 07:11
Fall For You (feat. April) [Moodymann Edit] Kings of Tomorrow, April 04:25
Finally Kings of Tomorrow 07:00
Kaoz K.O.T. 08:31

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Kings of Tomorrow is one of the many
pseudonyms used by house music artist Sandy Rivera. Born in New York’s Spanish
Harlem, he absorbed music from an early age and began producing original music
in the early 90s. He started using the Kings of Tomorrow name, producing a
number of collaborations with Jay “Sinister” Sealee throughout the decade. He became
a superstar in the world of dance music with “Finally”, a 2000 track
that that went top 20 on the US dance chart, and was a number 24 pop hit in the
UK. The soulful track put him in the vanguard of house music artists, and centered
the first Kings of Tomorrow album, It’s in the Lifestyle. “Finally”
would become ubiquitous in dance music circles, appearing on several
compilations, and repurposed and remixed by numerous other artists, with Rivera
himself remixing that and several other tracks from the album. The next Kings
of Tomorrow album, “Trouble”, came in 2005. Only one more single was issued
over the next five years, but 2011 say Kings of Tomorrow releasing a pair of
tracks with April, and Rivera would resurrect the name for a handful of tracks
throughout the rest of the 2010s.