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Vida Loca Stephane Legar 03:04
Vivre encore Stephane Legar 02:37
Chérie Coco Stephane Legar 02:33
Cola Stephane Legar 02:48
רק בנות Itay Levy, Stephane Legar 03:04
Marie-Antoinette Stephane Legar 03:16
יאסו Static & Ben El Tavori, Eden Ben Zaken, Stephane Legar 03:44
Speed Life Stephane Legar 02:42
דיבור נגוע Stephane Legar 02:46
Lucie Stephane Legar 02:26

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Social media sensation Stephane Legar born Stephane Gagba on May 13, 1998) was born in Israel to Togolese parents. After serving in the Israeli Defense Forces, he worked as a model and a hip-hop dancer, accumulating hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. His song “Step Fun” (2016) went viral after he uploaded a dance tutorial to YouTube. In 2017, he collaborated with hip-hop singer Noa Kirel on the track “Tikitas,” which was recorded to celebrate the anniversary of the LGBT-friendly Arisa party series. That year, he was also nominated for Best Israeli Artist at the MTV Europe Music Awards and chosen as Revelation of The Year by online news portal Frogi. In 2018, released "Comme ci Comme ça," another smash hit that went viral after being used in a commercial by TV network yes. The song made it to the top of the Israeli charts and helped Legar break into the mainstream.“Yasu,” his 2019 Greek-themed collaboration with pop duo Static & Ben El Tavori topped the charts in Israel that year. In 2020, Legar remained as prolific as ever, releasing the singles “Vida Loca,” “Look What You Did,” and “Favela.”