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Guiding Star Elane 01:21
Castle Song Elane 03:08
Reedland Elane 06:08
River Narne Elane 03:43
Theme from Journey to the North Elane 04:00
The Vigilant Woods Elane 05:49
The Tavern Song Elane 02:50
Isle of Danwar Elane 02:46
Legends of Andor Elane 04:23
The Abandoned Tower Elane 03:27

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The roots of ELANE are in the deep forests of the german Sauerland. The characteristic mixture of organic and electronic sounds has become their trademark. The amazing voice of lead singer Joran Elane as well as acoustic and electric guitars, violin, viola, cello, gentle soundscape, percussions and bombastic orchestral arrangements create the distinctive sound of ELANE and give them a huge recognition value. Check out the other solo and side projects of the band members on Spotify: Joran Elane, Ash of Ashes, Two Words in Japanese, Over The Hill, Hel (" Das Atmen der Erde ")Elenniyah. Also, check out ELANE‘s podcast ‚Wir und ELANE‘.