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The Mouse René Aubry 02:09
La grande cascade René Aubry 04:28
Salento René Aubry 05:45
Séduction René Aubry 04:41
Fil de verre René Aubry 03:07
Demi lune René Aubry 04:21
Le vent René Aubry 02:09
Zig Zag René Aubry 03:27
Replay René Aubry 04:10
Sirtaki à Helsinki René Aubry 03:41

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Born on December 20, 1956 in Remiremont, France, René Aubry is a  classical guitarist, mandolinist, and composer. As a multi-instrumentalist, his musical arsenal also includes the accordion, banjo, and bouzouki. His compositions, which blend classical harmonies with modern instrumentation, favor strings and woodwinds, but he also incorporates percussion, piano and various keyboards. He has composed for choreographers - including Carolyn Carlson, Pina Bausch and Philippe Genty - and his music was featured in such productions as Blue Lady (1983), Steppe (1990), and Signes (1997). He has written original scores for the animated films The Gruffalo (2009), its sequel The Gruffalo's Child (2011) and Room on the Broom (2012). René Aubry’s music has also been featured on television series and televised political campaigns. His catalog includes albums such as Airs Dans l’Air (1987), Libre Parcours (1988), Dérives… (1989), Play Time (2008), Forget Me Not (2013), and Now (2015).