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In a Lifetime Clannad, Bono 03:09
Robin (The Hooded Man) Clannad 02:52
I Will Find You (Theme from "The Last of the Mohicans") Clannad 05:16
I Will Find You Trevor Jones, Clannad 01:50
Battles Clannad 01:02
Together We Clannad 03:30
Theme from Harry's Game Clannad 02:27
Ancient Forest Clannad 03:01
Darkmere Clannad 02:01
Strange Land Clannad 03:11

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Harpist and singer Moya Brennan and her brothers Pól and Ciarán first started performing together as Clannad in the Donegal village pub, Leo's Tavern, run by their father, an accordion player and singer who had previously fronted a popular showband and toured around Ireland and Scotland. They became a big attraction in the pub joining their uncles Noel and Padraig Duggan playing a mix of traditional Irish music tinged with jazz arrangements and pop.

They began to make their mark on the 1970s folk scene, finally breaking into the mainstream when their mystical theme music for 'Harry's Game', a dramatic TV series about the troubles in Northern Ireland, became a hit single - the first Irish-language song to do so in the UK. Refining the mystical, spiritual style, the siblings not only became international stars - achieving further hits with the theme music for the TV series 'Robin of Sherwood' - they created the template for many others imitating the new age approach which came to define the new Celtic music; with younger Brennan sister Enya going on to massive solo success after a brief spell with the band.

In 1985 Clannad had another big hit with 'In a Lifetime', on which Moya duetted with Bono, and in 1987 adopted a rock approach with ninth album 'Sirius', recorded in LA, including a duet with Bruce Hornsby on 'Something to Believe In'. Despite Pól Brennan's departure, Clannad continued to enjoy widespread success with thematic albums about Irish history and other topics through the 1990s before taking a break while Moya pursued a solo career and her uncles began performing as The Duggans. They reunited in 2007 and released their 16th studio album, 'Nádúr', in 2013.